Howling Timbers is:

  • A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.
  • Staffed entirely by volunteers. [no paid staff]
  • Receives no local, state, or federal funding.
  • Funded through donations and fundraisers.

Our Mission:

To provide life-long sanctuary to wolves, wolf dogs, and exotic animals that have been neglected, abused, abandoned or relinquished by their previous owner. To assist humane societies, animal shelters and the Michigan Department of Agriculture with the placement of wolf dogs and exotic animals. To educate the public on the proper care and humane treatment of all animal species.

The sanctuary residents include:

  • 39 Wolf Dogs including many from 3 large Michigan Department of Agriculture seizures: Manton (originally: 26)/ Ludington (originally: 9) / Bretheren (originally: 15)
  • 3 African Servals (Mickey, Fossa, and Timber)
  • 1 Savannah Cat (Pixie)
  • 5 Coatimundis (Squeaks, Taz, Coda, Peanut (all White Nose) and Chloe (Mountain))
  • 1 Kinkajous (April)
  • 1 Chinchilla (Ivory)
  • 4 horses (Thunder, Flair, Maggie, and Nala)
  • 2 Pigs (Jimmy Dean & Bob Evans)
  • 1 Black-Capped Capuchin (Gil)
  • 1 Bearded Lizard (Barry)
  • 2 Box turtles
  • 2 Bunnies
  • Many Chickens & Guineas
  • 1 prairie dog (Pluto)