Here at Howling Timbers, our volunteers play a big role in the success of our operation. Whether caring for animals, rasing funds, or assisting with building projects, special events, and or public relations, volunteers are a very important part of Howling Timbers. On a daily basis, dependable volunteers are needed in the exotics area to clean cages, feed and water, sort and prepare food, assist visitors, and a variety of other tasks. Working with the farm animals, volunteers are needed to feed and water, clean barns and pastures, and assist with grooming. Volunteers in the wolf area clean enclosures, feed and water, and assist with pen maintenance. In addition, assistance is needed with building projects to build enclosures, platforms, ramps, and shelters. Howling Timbers also has the need for electricians, plumbers, welders, and other specialty trades people. If you are dependable, hard-working, and love animals, please consider volunteering at Howling Timbers. The experience is one most people will never have and one that our volunteers will never forget! To become a volunteer, please complete a volunteer application available at the sanctuary or the one on this page that is downloadable. You can then mail it in or drop it off in person. Once your application is received, we will schedule a date for training/orientation.

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A note from the webmaster:

Brenda and Jim, the owners of Howling Timbers, are a couple with a deep love for all of God's creatures. Their vision to rescue as many of our furry friends as possible should not go unnoticed. They sacrifice in countless ways to make sure everything is run smoothly at the sanctuary. Whenever I visit, Brenda and Jim are always found to be selflessly looking after the needs of the animals, nonstop. Without thier voice, these animals could have very well been thrown by the wayside. Thanks, guys! Your work and dedication doesn't go unnoticed.